TOW: You’ve Got To Keep Learning

I’ve reached that point in training where it’s too hard, too much & I spend most of my time wanting to quit. I’ve had some awful runs, some horrendous DOMS, numb feet on the bike & mostly swum outdoors like a bag of spanners.

It would be all too easy to skip the next run, ride or swim because I’ll be rubbish and it will be embarrassing, but I don’t. I don’t because if nothing I’ll learn something. That something isn’t always obvious, but when it gets sticky I always ask myself what am I learning here?

Is the learning that it’s hard because it’s meant to be hard? Is the learning knowing the difference between when to push on and when to call it a day, is the learning that sometimes you can find something when you think you’ve got nothing or is the learning simply that I need to prioritise sleep and see how I feel later.

Come race day things will not go to plan and it will be about focusing on what I can control rather than what I can’t and deciding what is the best thing I can do to get to the finish line.

That’s what I’m learning, with every pause, every adjustment, every lost second, every bargain I make with myself about what I am willing to do. It’s about how to get through it. Always finding a way to the end in way that I know I’ve tried my best and given it my all.

That’s all I want on race day, to know I couldn’t have done anymore, that I gave it my everything, really the goal can’t be anything more than that.