TOW: You just gotta hope…

Go on holiday they said, don’t train they said, it will be fine they said, you won’t lose fitness they said.

Well, that was four weeks ago & I can assure you based on yesterday’s run it was most definitely the most amazing display in loss of fitness I’ve put forth in the world in a while.

It isn’t strictly speaking fair to blame holiday, I didn’t get sick on holiday but I got sick somewhere on the way back from holiday. My first run back was quite something and it all fell apart from there, I missed my last long ride, my last long run & the first two weeks of taper.

All I’ve been able to manage consistently is yoga but that included sticking a tissue up my nose to make it through Savasana without getting anymore snot down my front. #bringingALLthesexyback

While I am disappointed that I’ve spent most of the last month sat on my arse, even that’s a huge step forward for me, last year I wasn’t well enough to be racing…pro tip your first words across the finish line of any race shouldn’t be ‘I need to go to the walk in clinic when we get home’ but I wasn’t going to listen to anyone tell me I shouldn’t or couldn’t, least of all myself.

You’d think now I am feeling better I’d be in top physical condition, nope I am exactly the kind of person who gets some tendonitis in her right ankle from doing no exercise. You heard, my latest sports injury is from doing no sports. That’s just how I roll.

I don’t know how I thought I would feel a week to go, a bit better I guess that it was all going to be okay & it will be okay. I can still have fun & a nice time.

I have at least this weekend been for a swim, sat on my bike & been for a little run. This time next week I’m hoping I’ll be finished, showered, changed and be back on course to see the real heroes (Bean & Brian) do their thing.

And if it all does go wrong, the last four weeks have helped me determine that watching crossfit documentaries is basically my new fitness strategy.