TOW: I loved training this week

This week, I’ve a bit loved training. I know, ssh…don’t tell anyone.

I start the week out wondering how on earth I am going to fit it all in, I’m very careful to only ever look one week ahead in training in a if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist type arrangement and if I do have to look ahead for whatever reason I adopt it ‘it’s a spider’ approach and remind myself its far more scared of me than I am of it.

I wouldn’t say this week has been ideal, I crunched my ankle on some uneven paving in & around (read: EVERYWHERE) Oxford. The pain started in my knee, just an odd pull on the inside, it didn’t really even hurt all that much, just a general awareness of having a knee, which became a stabby pain & then the weird pain I had in my hip at Snowdonia Marathon which ended so well last time.

I’m really lucky, I have a wonderful sports injury clinic in my life, over the years my chiropractor has helped me get to many start lines I didn’t really deserve to be at and he doesn’t glare at my tales of woe, he’s laughed every single time I’ve fallen down the stairs, tripped over something or face planted the floor. I’d love to be one of those people who hurts themselves actually doing sport, but I am not that girl.

I didn’t see John till much later in the week, so the week was spent explaining in classes & at the gym I had this weird leg thing going on & would do the best I could. I took some easy turbo sessions over intervals, I ran to the amazon pick up locker, which is my favourite kind of running! In hindsight I think that’s why I’ve loved this week of training so much, I just had to do what I could and focused it around thing I wanted to do. If it didn’t feel good, I didn’t do it.

As suspected, the crunch had jammed my ankle, which had zero movement in it, in any axis, by the time I got to the clinic. Me: “it feels weird & I don’t like it”, some coconut oil, some lovely metal tools, and a crick & a crack later we (it & I) felt much better. It was actually the best it could be really, some lovely exercises including a bad squat (YASS!) and some tinned goods & a review in two. I’ve to take it easy till then, just enjoy moving.

I am also fully aware in vocalising my love for the process, next week will be shocking, every session will feel like a bust & comes Sundays long run, or Saturdays long ride…or even less optimistically Tuesdays 1 hour run, or quite possibly Pilates at lunch time tomorrow, I’ll be wondering what I can put off, or move about or just sleep through, but hey! There is always child’s pose.