TOW: I chose running

I wanted to write about running, well I thought I wanted to write about running but now I am trying to write about running I’ve got nothing to say.

That’s not true, I’ve got lots to say, but that would involve admitting stuff…up to and including, that I don’t listen, that I used to be a much better runner than I am now AND I am going to wang on & we know how much I love anyone who wangs on about stuff.

I used to love running, it’s all I used to do. Everything else was absurd to me.

Then I got sick. Glandular fever sick. The kind of sick that takes you about 18 months to feel like you’ve come back from & while I’ve had some amazing adventures in that time, I have HATED running.

Running at any kind of pace brings with it, the rising panic, my heart ringing in my ears and the inevitable self-doubt of being too slow. I’ve also become arrogant that my other sports can carry me through & with that has come an injury or two along the way.

In setting up plans for this New Year I’d been looking into heart rate training. This is the bit where I have to confess I didn’t listen, my first marathon plan was based on the principles of training in appropriate zones as was my 70.3 plan, but I of course didn’t for either.

But after asking a very knowledgeable friend a few more questions in November I tentatively stuck my toe in the water, it’s interesting, it’s weird, it’s hard and I get to walk the hills…well as it turns out after the hills and by hills I mean inclines. It’s amazing.

In the last 11 days I’ve run 22 miles in 7 different places, with some of the people I love to run with most in this world.

Prior to this I would choose something else, to avoid running & if I did run it really was only to the Amazon pick up locker 1 mile away because that’s too close to drive & walking would take too long.

It’s nice to know that running is a choice again, not a chore that needs to be kicked against the whole way and I am happy to do it on my own, I don’t need someone to drag me round & help me get through it. I’m not setting any trails alight, I am not breaking records, but I’m enjoying myself.  ITS FUN and at the moment nothing else matters.

Lady V, Me & Fi New Years day parkrun double!
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