ToW: Getting My Poop In A Group

Written of course on the day when my poop is most definitely not in a group & quite possibly flung all over the walls in some kind of dirty protest where I have tried to pick zen & everything annoyed me anyway*.

Today is rest day. Where I should rest, mind, body & soul. Today I spent most of my free time completely perplexed about what I should be doing, that feeling you get when you’ve not quite forgotten something, but you have, because you cant quite remember what it was you should be doing.

That thing I should have been doing was remembering to put something in my bag yesterday to take to the bank at lunchtime today, it should also then have been to buy lunch for tomorrow & leave that in the fridge at work, while also stopping at the butchers for tomorrows tea & remembering to take that out of the fridge at work & bring it home tonight.

I guess today’s corny take away is that all the little things you do to get ahead for tomorrow all add up when the big goal is still too far away to really be the drive.

5:45am alarm set.
Gym clothes laid out.
Coffee cup & breakfast packed.
School uniform packed.
Running stuff & trainers packed for lunchtime.
Lunch packed.
Post it note in hand bag to remind me to get dinner out the fridge & bring it home.

All I have to do tomorrow is to remember to turn up.

I do not want to be present & grateful for traffic, I want it to flipping move so I can get to work with some shred of patience left so I don’t have to calculate how many more toner cartridges we need to get the right amount of polythene bags required to go FULL ON DEXTER in the office.