The one where…the little things add up

I have well & truly been embracing off season & while I am chomping at the bit I am trying to embrace slowing down & quieting the noise. I quite like it. I’m not sure it’s sustainable but I like it.

One thing I have realised is how complicated this year was, how I was always looking to a thing to be the answer for why I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I was so keen to find out new things I forgot that I already knew enough.

All I had to do was do it. I’d overlooked things as too simple, assuming my big actions were more worthy than the littler ones*.

Small things, done regularly & consistently over time add up & make a difference.

It’s the penny effect, look after the small achievable things & the big things really do look after themselves. A lesson I had to remember the hard way, in that I thought my hip was better (ish) so decided to run 5km, oddly my hip was a lot less better again afterwards.

It came up at my next session at the gym, I was frustrated & probably having a bit of a sulk. I was posed the question “Can you walk 6000 steps a day, every day, instead”. Which is obviously less than the entirely fictional & totally made up recommended 10,000 step a day, but given my mobility issues it was a challenge, but theoretically not unachievable with a bit of effort.

An action up to this point I’d considered too small to make a difference, I’d prioritised running, a thing I couldn’t do, as more beneficial than a simple movement I was able to do.

It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you can do.

What are you penny actions? Pick one.

Start now.

Be consistent.

Be patient.

Trust that small is big enough. Small you can do.


*if anyone ever offers to double a penny for you everyday for 30 days or give you £100 every day for 30 days. Take the penny. Always take the penny. You might be thinking WHA for the first 14 days or so, but you’ll be laughing by day 30. Promise. You can Google this.