The one where…I missed all my goals! My annual appraisal.

So, this week a friend of mine, the lovely Lady V, absolutely smashed her goal of running 1000km this year, 18 days ahead of target & after what I don’t think she would mind me saying was probably a less than ideal year.

This got me thinking about my goals…which I had written down at the start of the year. I wanted to bring all the noise in 2017, I wanted to be all over everything. Mind, body & soul. I remember proudly breaking down my fitness goals & presenting to my then PT at the time in our first session of the year.

I remember I did this, but yesterday morning I couldn’t quite remember how exactly I wanted to pants 2017 nor where to find them…you can probably see where I’m going here, I have found them and this is my annual appraisal.

I will not be defending my own honour here, I have a million excuses which I can weave into a nice little story as to why I didn’t meet my goals this year and justify exactly why that’s okay, but actually it is just okay

I did not make my cut off time at Outlaw 70.3

I did not reduce my body fat as much as I wanted.

I did not set chest press or deadlift PR’s

& I am still rubbish at push ups.

As it says above the door as you leave my house “It is what it is” so there we are. End of.

Outlaw Half taught me I am not mentally tough enough when the chips are down & while I had a thoroughly lovely time I wasn’t able to hold myself to account for better.

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with that without wrapping it up & justifying it with excuses. I’ve had to remember to ask myself what am I willing to do & constantly remind myself that usually when I don’t want to do the work is when I really should be doing it the most.

I had to start some remedial works on the things I took for granted would be there when I needed them to be. The basics we all know, but so easily take for granted. I also needed to put my ego to one side.

With the benefit of hindsight, these were not the goals for me & I think that’s why I’m not the least bit fussed I didn’t make them. Big gesture goals need to wait, I’m not saying never, just definitely not now.

Health is not my way to happiness, happiness is my way to good health. Learn to be present, embrace permanence over pace, in all things, to earn my easy.

Just keep getting one step closer.